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We're excited to meet you and cannot WAIT to learn more about you. Our goal is to match one of our sweet pups with the best-suited family, specifically chosen to meet your needs so that your new family member adjusts seamlessly. 


This questionnaire is designed to determine suitability. Please take your time to thoughtfully consider the questions posed when crafting your responses. 

Thank you so much--we look forward to speaking with you soon!

In what type of home do you live?
Does your home have a fenced area to help keep your dog safe that also provides room to exercise?
Do you plan to crate train your puppy, in order to keep the puppy safe when you can't give your undivided attention to the puppy?
Do you plan to participate in puppy training classes with your puppy?

Please fully answer the activity-related questions in the space provided below. These questions are absolutely necessary in order for me to properly place puppies with their new families.

  • 1. How would you describe the activity level of your home (for example, you may say “active” or “sedentary” and describe activities that your family participates in regularly, such as walks or runs, sports activities, camping, etc.). Also describe the noise level of your home (“very quiet” or “rather noisy” are examples). This will help me match a puppy’s noise tolerance to your home.

  • 2. Describe your family’s typical weekend activities (please note whether the dog would be included in the activity).

  • 3. Describe your family's typical weekday. Include how many hours the pup would be alone at any stretch. Please note that puppies will need to be let out at least every 4 hours, so you may want to consider arrangements with a friend, doggy daycare, or dog walker for the first month.

Thank you for submitting your details. Once we've reviewed your responses, we'll be in touch.

Puppy Questionnaire
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