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The Love of a Dog Drove Us


Our love for this amazing breed started in 2005 with our first Lab, Louie. We picked him up when he was just 6 weeks old! Louie was our first baby and he had what I like to consider a "superpower" because he was so in-tune with me, always knowing when I was sad or needed a hug. Up until that point in my life, I had never loved a dog as much as I did Louie.


Louie was about a year old when we adopted another one year old Lab, named Cooper. They were best buddies, but their bond was cut short when Louie suddenly passed away at the young age of 7. 


After Louie passed away, we never considered replacing him. Life went on, but the emptiness of losing that once-in-a lifetime dog never really went away. So in 2016, we decided to add another Lab to our home: Gus.

Louie swimming in my in-laws pondPNG_edited.jpg
My BEST boy, Louie 
Baby Gus_edited.jpg
 Gus' 1st day home!  

It wasn't until after we brought Gus home that I began to consider competing and showing Labradors. I spent hours researching everything I possibly could about Labradors. I quickly learned that none of our dogs complied to the breed standard for a Labrador Retriever and none were genetically health tested. In fact, all of our dogs were more than likely the product of backyard breeders. 


It was then that I decided to redirect the passion and love that I have for this breed into helping educate families about the importance of genetic health testing. So many people don't know the negative impacts that poor genetics can have on the life expectancy of their family pets and, conversely, the positive impact that genetic health testing has on advancing and protecting the breed. A breeder who genetic and health tests simply ensures that one will receive the healthiest possible family dog.  


In order to best educate the public, I knew I needed to find a mentor to help guide me through this journey. With luck, I have the privilege to be mentored by Angela Rice from Bella Notte Labradors and Donna Powell from Rustic Ridge Labradors. These two ladies are exceptional breeders with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am forever grateful for their trust in me, as it has allowed me to follow my dreams to open and operate Buckeye Valley Labradors!   

Louie and Cooper Emmie.PNG
  Cooper & Louie watching over Emmie 
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