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As a quality Labrador Retriever breeder, it is our responsibility to breed to the AKC breed standard. This is done in order to preserve and protect the wonderful Labrador Retriever breed that has made this America’s most popular breed for the last 31 years in a row.


Our sole purpose in breeding is to improve our lines by producing puppies that follow the AKC Labrador Retriever breed standard. This means that we only produce the approved breed colors: Black, Yellow, and Chocolate.

Our Labradors were chosen to be a part of our program not only for their conformation and temperaments, but also because they were produced from champion bloodlines that have generations of healthy dogs.

By choosing a Buckeye Valley Labradors puppy, you are ensuring that the following is strictly adhered to so that you will receive the best puppy possible to complete your family.

Genetic Testing


For additional information about Bio Sensor Training, click here.

In addition to Bio Sensor Training, our puppies are brought up around all the normal household sights, smells, sounds, noises and then some. From sweepers, dishwasher, laundry machines, screaming kids, TV, music, etc., these puppies will be exposed to it all.

Puppies are placed on several different kinds of flooring such as carpet, gravel, grass, tile, concrete, etc. in order to help build their confidence when heading to their new homes. They are also introduced to stairs, tunnels, gates, doorways, slides, cats, and the rest of our dogs.

And probably the most significant factor is that all of the Buckeye Valley Labradors puppies are introduced to both potty training and crate training to ensure that their transition into their new home begins with a rudimentary foundation already established. 

Ultimately, every part of our breeding program is designed specifically for your Buckeye Valley Labradors puppy to fit seamlessly into your own home. Our wish is that you will invest as much time and heart into raising your Buckeye Valley Labradors puppy as we did.

Buckeye Valley Labradors puppies are raised in the heart of our home. While being raised here for 8 weeks, they are showered with endless amounts of love and affection. Our puppies are well socialized from a young age by our four children, family, and friends.


Between three and sixteen days of age, our litters are introduced to Bio Senor Training, also known as the Super Dog Program. This program was designed by the U.S. Military in hopes to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes. After years of research, the military learned that ENS (early neurological stimulation) exercises can have long lasting positive benefits in a dog’s life.


Bio Sensor Training consists of five ENS exercises that need to be performed once a day, with each puppy, from day three through day sixteen. The exercises performed are tactical stimulation (between the toes), head held erect, head pointed down, supine position, and thermal stimulation. Each of these exercises are performed for only 3-5 seconds each.


Studies have shown that there are Five Key Benefits to performing Bio Sensor Training, as shown below:

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